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Today I went down and changed my name with the bank. Feels good to not be deadnamed in the marketing emails they send me, I guess. Even though I provided a preferred name for them to use. Hmm.

In the latest episode of #fuckdiscord, I've updated the contact page.

Also on that contact page, you'll notice a new link to PGP stuff, which I'm trying to figure out and get going, because I just realised that having all emails be plaintext on the server is very terrible, considering the amount of personal data that is sent by email.

On my phone I'm using FairEmail, which is literally just the best mail client ever made, and on my desktop I was sadly using the webmail until now. I've tried a few desktop clients and hated them all, but I've just installed Geary and honestly might stick with that. It's easy to use and it divides the message list section into a column instead of the top half of the screen. Only problem is no PGP, so maybe I'll have to boot up another client if I want to use that, or just go on my phone.

Unfortunately, Geary is distributed as a flatpak, which doesn't seem to take on my system theme, and I'm not sure how to fix that. It also seems to have trouble connecting; a message says "maximum number of user+ip connections reached (10)", which is a little weird since I'm only logged in on 2 devices...

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