There are multiple ways to talk to me over the internet. While I'd prefer if you used email for important enquiries and Discord for everything else, any of these will work and I will reply no matter what. Please, feel free to report bugs, brag about your gaming skill, or even just say hi! I like talking.

Email: dmpvesbd4s@wjwbmej.ofu

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Discord: Cadence#3263


Ring: cloudrac3r / ring:167866c36c82e7c0b68d5c8db93dcc09478756ea

Other accounts

GitHub: cloudrac3r

Reddit: u/cloudrac3r (but reddit chat is dumb, send a private message instead)

osu: cloudrac3r

Steam: cloudrac3r


The server hosting this website costs $5/month to keep running. I don't have a reliable source of income, so any donation would be very much appreciated!
BCH or DOGE preferred, but any of these addresses will work. Thanks!

BTC: 1VKob73dwZAp6Nf5WkaxgeeYgGzib3u6v

BCH (cashaddr): qzkevkup4qp2n6anzuw83hsa79mwe30pru7xv3jwan

BCH (legacy): 1Gpr2CuRb56KKyqNYQnDrBXxCpw4AJ5viy

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