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I have a job now


I have a job now

so, what about donations?

I dunno! You probably need the money more than me. If you want to show your appreciation for me and/or my work, kind words are free and make me feel happy :)

Please tell me your favourite music albums.

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why donate?

I have spent a lot of time creating a lot of things. I don't want to exclude people based on their ability to pay, so all of my work is free for everybody to use and enjoy. However, this means that I haven't been paid for the time and effort I've spent to create these things.

Therefore, I ask for donations, so that people who are able to pay can do so.

I currently have no income and I am looking for a job.

how much?

Whatever you feel my labour is worth.

If you want to know how much my work costs me, here's the breakdown:

$11 NZD ($6 USD) per month for the servers, plus hundreds of hours of my work
Out Of Your Element
$13 NZD ($7 USD) per month for the servers, plus around 300 hours of my work
Server space generously provided for free, plus around 200 hours of my work

send me money

Live in New Zealand? Bank transfer.

Ask me for my bank account number.

Everywhere else in the world

Unfortunately, websites like Patreon and Ko-Fi go via PayPal for handling the actual payments, and I don't agree with its privacy policy, so I can't use those platforms.

Your best bet is to buy me a gift card for something that I like. That's basically like giving me cash, because I was going to spend my own money on that thing anyway.

Here's a list of companies that you can get gift cards for:

Hell Pizza

I like this New Zealand-based pizza company. A pizza costs $20 NZD ($13 USD), so a gift card of $20 or less would be perfect. (If you buy a gift voucher for more, I might not be able to spend it all.)

Buy me a pizza voucher!

Video games

I don't regularly buy new video games, but if you would like to buy me a game, get in touch so we can talk about which specific game!

Buy me a video game!


I have a small collection of music that I listen to offline, and you could help me expand it. Let me know an album you like, I'll check out a preview, and I'll let you know if I want it.

Buy me an album!

send me monkey

Bitcoin Cash

I can directly pay for hosting with these cryptocurrencies. If you have different coins, please use some kind of exchange or converter and send me Bitcoin Cash.

donation history

August 2022Pizza$20
April 2022Pizza$25

All amounts are NZD. Donations from before October 2021 were not recorded.

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