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why donate?

I have spent a lot of time creating a lot of things. I don't want to exclude people based on their ability to pay, so all of my work is free for everybody to use and enjoy. However, this means that I haven't been paid for the time and effort I've spent to create these things.

Therefore, I ask for donations, so that people who are able to pay can do so.

My current income is taking out student loans that I will eventually need to repay.

how much?

Whatever you feel my labour is worth.

If you want to know how much my work costs me, here's the breakdown:

$9 NZD ($6 USD) per month for the servers, plus hundreds of hours of my work
$10 NZD ($7 USD) per month for the servers, plus around 300 hours of my work

send me money

I don't like payment processors such as Patreon, Ko-Fi, PayPal, Cash App, Stripe, and the rest. They have privacy issues and fees associated with them.

Your best bet is to buy me a gift card for something that I like. That's basically like giving me cash, because I was going to spend my own money on that thing anyway.

Here's a list of companies that you can get gift cards for:

Hell Pizza

I like this New Zealand-based pizza company. A pizza costs $20 NZD ($13 USD), so a gift card of $20 or less would be perfect. (If you buy a gift voucher for more, I might not be able to spend it all.)

Buy me a pizza voucher!

Video games

I don't regularly buy new video games, but if you would like to buy me a game, get in touch so we can talk about which specific game!

send me monkey

Bitcoin Cash

For other cryptocurrencies, please use a conversion service and send me Bitcoin Cash.

donation history

April 2022Pizza$25

All amounts are NZD. Donations from before October 2021 were not recorded.

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