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email wins again

I love getting emails, as long as the person sending them is nice!

To find my email address, just select the reason you want to contact me.

Weren't you hosting X here? What happened to that?

I dunno!

Maybe I stopped hosting it on purpose, maybe I forgot about it, or maybe I assumed nobody was using it.

If you want it back, please let me know what you were trying to access, and tell me that you found it useful! There's a decent chance I can bring it back.

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I want to advertise a product

I do not want you to do that!!

Do not do that!

I will block you on as many community spam filters as I can find.

I want to sponsor posts/write guest posts on this blog

I do not want your posts!!

Do NOT send me emails about sponsored blog posts or guest articles under any circumstances.

I will ignore your message.

I want to ask a question

that's awesome! I'd love to hear it!

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I want to say hi or comment about this website

hell yeah! let's chat!

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you can also find me on

XMPP - check omemo if you want
occasionally "cadence" on some networks

and on these woeful platforms

Discord? No way!



PGP info

Download key

[ ] » gpg --fingerprint AC847C641024C07AC88AE10EBC1C2C61CF521B17
pub   rsa4096 2020-05-31 [SC] [expires: 2023-12-21]
      AC84 7C64 1024 C07A C88A  E10E BC1C 2C61 CF52 1B17
uid           [ultimate] Cadence Ember
sub   rsa4096 2020-05-31 [E] [expires: 2023-12-21]

OMEMO info

I actively use these fingerprints on my account

7619b953 2940723e f7ad42e0 28ea6a39 4fb41edb af7b6813 a3e8c4f2 702e5e5e
65bb547a 6e5aa393 df399185 2088edc6 1423eab3 f7a3cf77 03d0dbb0 85e42c1a
2e127968 d0261124 7576a7d1 1be4df87 978fa26e 5242c975 eefe1c77 c0baee5b

If you see anything on your side that doesn't match, it's most likely that I made a mistake and forgot to list a new device here. To make sure, could you send me a message and let me know that my keys seem out of date? I'll be sure to check things on my side and update my web page.

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