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Exam success?

The exam went worryingly well. I finished with an hour left, which is very interesting considering that the previous exams were literally down to the minute. I definitely answered all the questions. I guess I'm just great. U+1F60E.

This evening I contributed a little more to FreeTube. Previously I've been working on making the CSS of some components less janky, and today I continued that trend. Preston suggested that I could look at the watch-video-info component, so that's what I did. The component is the section just below the player containing the video title, author, view count, like ratio, subscribe button, stuff like that.

Currently the CSS is designed like it's 2004 using position absolute, relative, width percentages, and the occasional float. When the window is resized, the controls tend to stay inside their frame a lot more of the time than they have any right to, but there are a couple of extreme situations where everything just falls apart and overlaps itself. I deleted all the CSS for that component and replaced it with a blank Sass file, that I then built up using block, flex and grid to make sure everything stayed roughly where it was supposed to go.

You can see my work, and a sketch of what I wanted the design to look like at the start, in this unfinished pull request. Ironically, the sketch is prettier than the actual thing. Maybe I should make a fork where all the textures look like the sketch.

I think tomorrow I'll chill out and continue with this. Maybe I can build the component that manages the overlays for the video option buttons, like the download overlay as shown in the sketch.

— Cadence

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