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Today my parents came to visit for the first time since I moved out. It was actually very nice. We went to the beach and then to a restaurant for lunch.

Beach pictures! One / two / three.

My younger brother is planning to build a computer to use for realistic racing games and computational fluid dynamics (yes). He wants to put Windows on it, because racing games and CFD software are generally for Windows. So while he was here he brought a USB along that I made into a bootable Windows 10 drive so that he can actually use his computer after he puts it together.

To make the bootable USB I used WoeUSB (sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8) with the command sudo woeusb --device /path/to/Windows.iso /dev/theusbblockdevice --target-filesystem NTFS (no numbers in the /dev). Very painless, and it worked properly when I tried using it in my laptop.

There's lots of gems that I'm adding to my blog that I won't really be able to find later because the titles don't mention everything that's in the post. A full text search feature will definitely be useful to add at some point. Google is (eventually) finding all of my posts, so that's a fallback plan.

— Cadence

A seal on a cushion spinning a globe on its nose.
Another seal. They are friends!