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Assignment submitted

Today is the last day that I'm able to work on the assignment for COSC 241. I'm happy to announce that I've got it all finished and submitted, including writing the report. Hurrah.

Once it's all over with I'll ask the demonstrators if I'm allowed to publish the task and my code and my report, since that will be fun. Apparently they use a different task each year so I don't see why they would say no.

Yesterday I received several comments about my Mario Kart Wii post, some asking whether I was aware of other custom track distributions. Yes I am.

The reason I wanted CTGP Revolution in particular is because it's the one that everyone else uses to play online. It also seems the least janky to set up and use. As I believe I already said, I'll just keep an eye on second-hand shops and internet trading websites and try to get a cheaper than average copy.

— Cadence

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