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Slow day today.

I spent a while inspecting the site's front page through a friend's iPad Pro. I'm pretty sure the iPad Pro is marketed as being good for drawing and art and stuff, so I assume that the colours on it are accurate. I've changed the colours on the home page using the iPad's display as the reference for how I wanted the colours to look in the beginning. My desktop and my phone are quite a bit off, and that was all I had to go by before I thought to check on the iPad. Once I get to use the Mac desktops in the university's computer lab I'll check how it looks on those too.

For the last 10 days I've been using a browser extension called SingleFile to save ALL pages I visit to disk, so that I can look at them later if the site goes down or the page is deleted, which happens more than I would like. My folder of web pages currently measures 1.1 GB after those 10 days, and that's with no deduplication (if I visit the same page twice it saves everything twice). At some point I'll set it up to periodically move all the pages into some sort of compressed and deduplicated archive to save disk space. Even if I didn't do that, I have 1.2 TB of disk space free, so I'd be able to save pages for 1200 days, a little over 3 years, so that's pretty cool.

I haven't decided if I want to send this archive into my actual full computer backup yet. I'm already excluding other large files like my ISO collection and my osu beatmap directory and my virtual machines and my downloads folder and my Steam games to save space, so I expect that my entire browsing history will also not be sent to borg.

— Cadence

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