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James Charles the Mario Kart Wii hacker

The video of the day is this clip of Troy (aka TWD98) and James Charles (yes) playing Mario Kart Wii together. It's a segment from a longer video.

The backstory of this is really cute. James Charles used to be an avid Mario Kart Wii player until Nintendo shut down the servers around 2014. Some time after this his makeup career happened, but he still watches Troy who is a popular Mario Kart Wii streamer/video creator, and he's been a fan for Troy for a long time, but Troy didn't know. One time Troy replied to something James posted on Twitter and James was like "omg I'm a fan of your videos I used to be great at mario kart" and Troy was like "omg that's sick we should play it together" and then they met up in real life and played Mario Kart Wii together and I think that's really nice.

Apparently James Charles used to make Mario Kart hacking videos which I think is really funny. I don't remember, but I think this event might have happened as a response to the internet drama that happened when people uncovered that fact. That would make sense.

— Cadence

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