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May the 4th

Prepare to be spammed with internet posts tomorrow about a film series that I know very little about. Sigh.

I actually got up on time this morning for a 241 lecture explanation stream which was pretty cool. We've been doing sorting algorithms because of course we have. Last time we got an explanation of quicksort and coming up is heapsort and merge sort.

I found out about a fork of Riot (source code, apparently) that adds support for custom emoji, which are per account (!!!), and enables pinned messages, which are currently a labs feature in mainstream Riot. It has a few other changes that I don't really care about. This is extremely cool and it's a really good candidate for getting other people to move off Discord, since custom emojis are a large part of the culture in my favourite private server. I'd still have to work on the code to add a feature that gets rid of the room list separators and moves them to buttons in the community list. This is definitely possible. Then all that remains is to see whether the built-in audio/video/screenshare is acceptable, because I've never used that. Exciting times.

The picture of the day is the state of the Epicord music bracket. 4-Track Bussing vs NBA 4T17. Which will be victorious? Find out tomorrow. This is the finals of group 1 of 14.

— Cadence

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