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Esoteric Knowledge

I found the best website.

I'm not quite sure how I got here. I think I was trying to find out why legal documents have sections that are all caps.

I have found the website of Esoteric Knowledge. The author, Pao Chang, describes himself as the living man.

This is some real "open your third eye" shit. Here's all the things I've found, in about the order that I found them. Let's go on a journey together.

Why Your Legal Name Is Written In All Capital Letters. There's some really good stuff in here and this is as good as any place to start. I really really like the section that starts with "Why Your Legal Name Is Written in All Capital Letters". If you're just going to read one section, then make it that one, but reading the whole essay is an unmatched experience.

While reading this article, I have only one thought: this is based.

Pao (are we on first-name terms? I hope so. I've been here for over 2 hours) focuses on word magic, which seems to be a lot of rearranging the letters and sounds and meanings of words to say that things are other things. If you read the entirety of the link above, then you'll know what I mean. Seriously, read that whole page.

He has a YouTube channel. Here's the video about the birth certificate thing. It's a pretty cool watch.

There's some really good comments on that video. CloudTube doesn't have comments, so you'll have to click to YouTube to see them. But I've pasted my favourites below to save you the trouble:

6otta study definition and etymology trust law and how the legal systems work while detoxing n activating 3rd eye it takes 7 yrs for the body to regenerate

— Kris Fluharty

Birth and Berth, I before e except after c, is I fore e, xcept aft sea. sea becomes see, I stands for number 1 in Roman numbers or the 'pillar of Rome', so you swap the pillar of Rome for e, Because Portus supplied Rome with goods from vessels, a bay where vessels would arrest ( slow down and stop) where called roads, so all bays are roads where vessels arrest, all bays (roads) lead to Rome. All ports around the world are man made bays ( roads ) that lead to Rome. Roads on land are for vessels ( trans-port) red STOP sign written in Dog-Latin or red sign-al on light are the port. its all there hidden in plain sight for the deaf, dumb and blind, that's right you are born that way.....

— rodney john

One thing in the comments which stood out to me was this one:

Yup. Its illegal to use a legal name. Read the BCCRSS

What's the BCCRSS, I wonder?

One relevant result. Click it. The top one. It's pretty great. How far can you get?

I also found this similar page, and this rant about B.A.R. affiliations. What's a B.A.R. affiliation, I wonder? Oh... oh dear. (it links back to the same thing) The best guess I can make is that they're talking about bar as in the legal system?

I'm not sure at what point I found the beautiful website on, but... yeah. According to the donations page, you are NOT ALLOWED TO DONATE, UNTIL you have listened to i am kurtis.mp3. It's 1 hour and 44 minutes long.

Back to Esoteric Knowledge. Pao has written a book called Word Magic, and at this point I kind of really want to buy it.

Of course the Esoteric Knowledge YouTube channel has videos about the coronavirus. It's still active and being uploaded to as recently as this month, which might surprise you. Nutters aren't dead. I have subscribed.

On one hand I feel that this is actually quite important, because language shapes discourse and the way we think, and breaking down and explaining connection between words and why they are the way that they are is important if we want to think clearly. I think there's some good stuff (less nutty) about this this topic in Manufacturing Consent, but I don't read theory so you'll have to tell me if I've got the right idea or not. Pao makes some interesting connections and has made me think in more detail about the words that we use.

On the other hand he's on a completely different plane of existence and I definitely should not take things as literally as he's suggesting.

While watching the video about coronavirus I found a segment that was so interesting that I had to send an email to Pao to discuss it. I plan to update you when I hear back. Here's the body of the email that I sent:

Hi, thank you for reading this.

I have some comments regarding some of the words that you used during your video on the coronavirus. Since word magic and use of words is so important to all of our lives, I thought this would be very important to ask you about. (Here is the video I am talking about:

At about 14:31 you talk about how the government uses **artificial statuses** like ethnic groups, races, and nationalities to divide mankind and make it easier to program men and women to fight one another. I definitely agree with your sentiment. However, I cannot help but notice that in that very same sentence, you refer to dividing **men and women**. Do you not think that the category of men and women **is also an artificial status imposed by the government**? After all, shortly after birth (berth) the dock observes the apparent sex of the vessel and describes/inscribes it into the bond (birth certificate), thus binding the vessel to a lifetime of artificially imposed categorisation which affects how they are perceived by society and all of their future opportunities (opportunities being trade deals, if you like). The category of "men" and "women" is false, it is artificially imposed by the government to control and divide us.

If you are truly intent on exposing the government's misuse of word rituals, to bind us, and your goal is to unite people everywhere by breaking down these artificial statuses of ethnic groups, races, nationalities, and also presumably sexes, then you must agree that instead of secretly encouraging this segregation in your video, **it is better to use the unifying word "people" rather than "men or women"**.

Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon.

- Uthatoh Mso

: )

(The name I used has been changed so that he can't find this post if he searches the internet for the name, but it sounded similar. Of course, if he searches for the post body for some reason, then I might be exposed. If so, then hi Pao.)

The letters in the name were gathered from the first letters of each line of a section of the King James Bible, because as we all know, /s the Bible is the only source of truth. I didn't tell him that fun fact because I wasn't sure how to work it into the message, but I'm sure that in the future that will turn out to be time well spent.

— Cadence

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