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Settings through the ages

Today I thought I'd showcase the various designs of online settings pages that I've made over the years.

Every time I start a project that needs some sort of form or settings page, I usually write completely new styles from scratch and end up with a completely different appearance.

CloudTube - 2018

CloudTube plays YouTube videos. It has a few options that allow you to import and export your data, block videos and channels based on keywords, and show or hide various buttons.

Screenshot / Visit / Source

Dappler - 2018

Dappler plays music for Scottish Country Dance clubs. Its interface lets you search for songs, connect remotes, create playlists, adjust playback and speed, and it can all be done with the keyboard too.

Dappler is something that I've really wanted to polish and release so that more people than just my previous local club can use it, but I never got around to actually doing this. I also don't know if anyone else is interested in using this. Maybe I should just open source it and be done.

I actually get the song and album names from an online database which means that I just have to enter the CD name and it automatically imports the tracks with the correct names, timings, style name, number of bars, and repeat count.

The name Dappler is inspired by the word doppler as in doppler effect.


Crumpet - June 2019

Crumpet is a level editor for the game Return To Wonderland, which was rather dead by the time I released the editor and still thriving when I first started working on the editor.

Screenshot / Visit / User manual / Forum post

Epigam - June 2019

I used to be part of a forum called Epigam which was on some free phpBB host. Then Tapatalk bought the host and moved all of our content to their style, and they suck and have ads and deleted the REALLY COOL CUSTOM THEME. I should write about this event in full one day. Anyway, one time I was really fed up of this so I spent a solid week scraping the content and constructing a brand new site from scratch to host it. The most important part of this is the REALLY COOL CUSTOM THEME that I collected from the Internet Archive and reimplemented.

This is a private forum, so no links. I could publish the source code but I don't think anyone would care, so I haven't.


Mood - August 2019

A mood tracker I made for my personal use. There are several categories and I can select multiple options from each. Selected options are coloured in and checked. I don't intent to make this public or release the source.


Untitled Goose Game VS Mode - October 2019

This is pretty fun, but I haven't gotten the opportunity to play it much. The game is for two players and they each need their own copy of the game with a completed save file. Before the start of the round, each player must go to the garden and reset. Then 11 items (or a number of your choice) are generated and put into a list, and they're selected from the main lists from the actual game. Time starts with both players honking which gets control of the goose. Once a player completes a task, they check it off in the list and get a point. The catch is that once a task is done, the other player isn't allowed to get a point from doing that one. This means that players have to either strategise to complete a task faster than the other person, or go off to a different section of the game so that their tasks don't get sniped. First person to complete more than half the list is the winner. As I said, I haven't played this a lot, but the few times I have played it have often been very intense, much more than I expected.

Like Dappler, there's no source for this one, but it is pretty much polished so I could release it if I wanted to.

Screenshot / Visit

Mario Kart Wii Custom Track Browser - December 2019

My attempts to patch a custom track distribution (Mario Kart X) designed for Riivolution over an ISO to play on the Wii went somewhat poorly — the tracks are playable, but none of the names are visible on the menu. I really dislike some of the tracks in the distribution, so the primary motivation for making this page was to tag all the tracks I don't like so that I can filter them out and not have to play them.

I needed this interface to be mobile-friendly so that I could whip out my phone in front of the TV when I needed to decide what track to play next.

This project was a huge success and I'm very very happy with its current state now.

Screenshot / Source

Oak House Medical Centre - February 2020

I got commissioned to build a website for Oak House Medical Centre Waimate. This was a really cool experience for me.

I can't show too much of this for privacy reasons, so please enjoy the censored screenshot.


Unnamed shopping list - Ongoing

Blog post about this / Screenshot

Final thoughts

Wow, I didn't actually know I'd made this many different interfaces when I started writing this post. This all took about 45 minutes to collect and write, and I bet there's some things that I've done and then forgotten about without including in this page.

I don't have a comments section, but I'd still love to hear what you think — check out the contact page, I guess.

This has been a cool trip through some memories. I hope you liked seeing this part of my history.

— Cadence

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