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Tonight is dinner night again, and I made this curry recipe. I used brown lentils instead of red, and I made my own curry powder from other spices (1/6th of the amounts in that list) and I added a little cornflour and removed a bit of water and boiled it for longer (around 30 minutes in total) to make it thicker. It tastes really good. But I made one mistake: I didn't realise that I was supposed to use only about 250 ml of the 400 ml can of coconut milk. It was really good even so, but I will definitely make sure to only use 250 ml when I make it next week. I'm not sure what I'd do with the other part of the can. Perhaps I'll substitute soy milk.

A good plan that I successfully executed was preparing all the spices at the start because those always take a fair bit of time to get out of the packets if I try to do it halfway through, and then things stay in the frying pan frying for longer than the recipe says. Great move by me.

I also made a bot command for automated voting on the brackets. There's no integration with Challonge yet.

The video of the day is drawing mushrooms on an oscilloscope. Wild.

Emacs's C-s/C-r incremental search for editing paragraphs of text is so, so convenient. I want to be able to use it everywhere.

Going to bed at not the worst time possible! Hurrah!

Tomorrow I have two livestreamed classes to attend in the morning which will be really unfun.

— Cadence

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