End of feeds

Tonight is dinner night again, and I made this curry recipe. I used brown lentils instead of red, and I made my own curry powder from other spices (1/6th of the amounts in that list) and I added a little cornflour and removed a bit of water and boiled it for longer (around 30 minutes in total) to make it thicker. It tastes really good. But I made one mistake: I didn't realise that I was supposed to use only about 250 ml of the 400 ml can of coconut milk. It was really good even so, but I will definitely make sure to only use 250 ml when I make it next week. I'm not sure what I'd do with the other part of the can. Perhaps I'll substitute soy milk.

A good plan that I successfully executed was preparing all the spices at the start because those always take a fair bit of time to get out of the packets if I try to do it halfway through, and then things stay in the frying pan frying for longer than the recipe says. Great move by me.

In the past I've been yoyoing on whether I should enable RSS/Atom feeds on bibliogram.art, and I've decided that no, I'm going to disable them and they're going to stay off for good. To accomplish this effectively, I added a setting which allows you to create a custom item for all feeds, and I used that to publish a message informing feed users that feeds were disabled. Here is the page with the announcement that I linked to. If I didn't do this, people would be cut off without knowing what had happened, which is definitely something that I'd like to avoid. This way they are informed of what I've changed and they know what to do next.

Funnily enough, while implementing this, I checked the request logs and found one person who seems to have 145 different feeds loaded. Bibliogram only gets 200 timeline requests to Instagram per 11 minutes (rolling window), so yeah, this confirms that I made the right call.

Of course I could rate limit each person to only be allowed to have a certain number of feeds, but there are multiple problems with that, one major one being that I definitely can't provide feedback messages like "you added too many feeds" through a feed reader.

You might have noticed that Bibliogram doesn't have a consistent visual style. This is something that I intend to clear up when I create the user settings page. I know that I will be adding options for at least the visual style that's used at the moment, as well as a consistently light theme, and a consistently dark theme, both of which will be new.

The user settings page is something that I will have to work on soon, since about half of all feature issues are waiting on that to be created.

I also made a bot command for automated voting on the brackets. There's no integration with Challonge yet.

The video of the day is drawing mushrooms on an oscilloscope. Wild.

Emacs's C-s/C-r incremental search for editing paragraphs of text is so, so convenient. I want to be able to use it everywhere.

Going to bed at not the worst time possible! Hurrah!

Tomorrow I have two livestreamed classes to attend in the morning which will be really unfun.

— Cadence

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