Bibliogram stats

I pulled off the nginx request log for Bibliogram for just 24 hours of operation, the day before feeds were disabled. I thought it would be interesting to summarise the data found inside. Here are the results:

[ ] ยป node scripts/process_log.js

127532 total requests
108955 (85.4%) requests over IPv4
 18577 (14.6%) requests over IPv6

1084 unique IPs after anonymisation (see here)

116399 (91.3%) requests resulted in 200 OK
  8018 ( 6.3%) requests resulted in 503 Service Unavailable (Bibliogram was blocked)
   879 ( 0.7%) requests resulted in 404 Not Found
   762 ( 0.6%) requests resulted in 3XX redirect
    59 ( 0.0%) requests resulted in 502 Bad Gateway (Bibliogram was down)

 14372 (11.3%) requests were for static content or static files
 63116 (49.5%) requests were for proxied images/videos
 36645 (28.7%) requests were for feeds (!)
  2490 ( 2.0%) requests were for users
  3034 ( 2.4%) requests were for user fragments (timeline continuation ajax)
  4187 ( 3.3%) requests were for post fragments (post overlay ajax)
  1178 ( 0.9%) requests were for posts
   587 ( 0.5%) requests were for the API
   774 ( 0.6%) requests were for the home page
   927 ( 0.7%) requests were seeking a user or post from the home page

This took a fair bit of time so it'll be the only blog content tonight. The script I used for this will probably be uploaded to the /scripts folder on the Bibliogram repo at some point.

Yeah, so about disabling feeds... :โ€Š)

I could also sum up stats about requests over the time of day, user agents, and bytes transferred, which I think will be really interesting to look at. Tomorrow, perhaps?

โ€” Cadence

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