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Museum of trash

Today I set the Internet Trash Heap Discord server as read-only forever, ending an era.

That server was previously the YouTube Annotations Archive discussion room. I haven't talked about the YouTube annotations archive on here, but I definitely will in the future.

After annotations were deleted by YouTube on the 15th of January 2019, the server saw significantly less activity, because the goal it had set out to achieve had been achieved. However, a small group of us, maybe 20 people or so, continued to just talk as friends. Discussion moved from YouTube annotations to general topics. Over time, this small group became smaller.

But as part of my efforts to move off Discord, I asked the remaining active people if they'd like to move to a room on Matrix, leaving the Discord server publicly available but read-only. The consensus was yes.

And here we are. The new room is on (alias on snopyta) if you'd like to talk with us about absolutely anything.

This is the final message that I sent to the Discord server:

Hey. It's been almost a year since the last announcement here, and well over a year since the YouTube annotation archive project came to an end. I'm so happy to have had you here with us.

If you've stuck around to chat since the project ended, and you've wondered why you can't type anymore, what's happening is that we're all moving from Discord to Matrix to chat.

If you'd like to join the new chatroom, download a Matrix client like Riot (official) or nheko (good) and then join the room Hope to see you soon! If you're trying to join but having technical problems, you can DM me here on Discord. You can also add me directly on Matrix with

Discussion in the new Matrix room will not be focused on any particular topic, though I expect most of us will continue to talk about technology and digital archives.

If you haven't touched this chatroom in a while and you're wondering what's going on now, that's the summary. Join Matrix if you'd like to keep talking. Regardless of whether you join us or not in the future, I'm honoured to have had you here in the past and the present.

Thank you.

— Cadence

If you'd like to pay a visit to the Discord server, press Ctrl-Shift-N, choose join, and paste the invite code qENBxyu. I'm not pasting a link in order to avoid spam.

I think I'll write more about this on a later date, but I'm too tired because I spent 3 hours tonight doing my homework like a good girl.

— Cadence

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