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It's 4/20.


Rather than join in on the baking-related activities that are tradition on this day around the world, today I contributed to the unofficial Android app for Mozilla's Common Voice project, which aims to create an open database of user-contributed voice samples that can be used by voice recognition systems. (The homepage explains it better with more words.)

The developer of the unofficial Android app is Italian, so I'm trying to help out by clearing up some of the English language strings to make them sound more natural, for example, changing:

Tap on this icon to record again the sentence, in case there are mistakes in the previous one.


Tap on this icon to re-record if you made a mistake.


You need to do the login on Common Voice website and you have to accept Privacy Policy.


You must first log in on the Common Voice website and accept the Common Voice privacy policy.

Thank you, ENGL 127 class last year, for helping me write good. yes I know

I downloaded the app that lets me watch the lecture recordings so now I can watch them in bed, which is surprisingly comfy. I think I'll do that more often.

— Cadence

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