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Today I participated in the &xkcd room on euphoria. It's an interesting way of doing a chatroom. The way threads are done is very good for managing several conversations at once but I get lost in the sea very often. There's no room directory, but even if there was, none of the other rooms on the site that I've looked at seem to have been used in the last 4 years.

An interesting thing to add to this website would be a guestbook that you can sign to say hi, but then I realised that I already have that, it's just the pastes list. And then I realised that there's a reason why you have to request access to post content here now. So here's a one-time guestbook created from quotes that people have asked me to say:

Hi from Xyzzy! —Xyzzy

Is this real life? —Doctor Number Four

Why am I in the xkcd room? Because today is April Fool's Day. Luckily for you, there won't be any fools on this blog. Every year on April 1st the xkcd comic posts a special edition such as Emojidome. This year's special comic is not out yet because America is still asleep, so I hope I can catch it tomorrow on April 2nd.

Sign up for an account on TODAY to receive some kind of special preferential treatment, apparently? That sounds fun.

I'm using Emacs more and more and I really want to be able to use Ctrl-A and Ctrl-E everywhere, but I also don't want to rebind critical shortcuts in my other applications. I bet there's some kind of hardware keyboard that can rebind buttons in an interesting way, but that sounds even more terrifying.

Today I submitted my 243 homework for the week and watched all the 241 videos for the week. I have also completed all the work for the 241 labs earlier this week. I have also watched all the 243 videos except for one. This means that tomorrow I have a bunch of stuff to do for Philosophy but nothing to do in my other courses. I'm gradually getting the backlog under control.

The video of the day is The Ultimate Camping Build by TierZoo. (Content warning for insects generally being gross and doing gross things to each other.)

The StackExchange question of the day is Why is “fhepfcelehfcepfffacacacacacacabn” a top DNS query from my devices? This is... fascinating? I hate this.

The Pokémon of the day is #708 Phantump, because there are 708 Covid cases. I'm going to run out of Pokémon soon at this rate.

I hope that tomorrow I can report that I did more work for my classes.

­— Cadence

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