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Recipe formatting

xkcd didn't publish on April 1st because of technical issues. I hope it's out by the time I wake up on the 3rd of April :D

Yesterday I made spaghetti and lentils with this sauce that I cannot pronounce the name of without it sounding like weed. It was fine, but boring, and I won't do it again. Though maybe I just performed the recipe that badly.

I wish recipes were written differently. The way they're written they have the ingredients first and then they must expect you to get everything out and put it in separate bowls at the start or something, because first the recipe calls for 1tsp of cayenne so you get out your packet of cayenne and then further down the recipe says "put in the cayenne" so you have to go up to the ingredients list to find out how much you need again, put it in, then go back down to the method and try to find your place again. It's so annoying. Am I really the only one?

In a perfect world the ingredient list would say how much of what I need, like it does now, but then the recipe would then repeat the amount inside the directions. So in the ingredients first I make sure I have my bag of flour out, and that it has the required 3 cups, and then in the directions it just says "add the 3 cups of flour" and then I can just grab 3 cups from the bag. I must be doing cooking all wrong if I'm the only person who is affected by these grievous recipe organisation crimes.

I managed to pick up yet more flour today, so I hope we're good on that for the future, but they're still completely out of yeast. The flat has a different kind of yeast left over from something else so once we run out of the good yeast we'll have to try substituting that instead.

Today I attended the philosophy tutorial, then reviewed the remaining philosophy lectures (of which there was only one), and then finally did the readings that have been waiting 2+ weeks. Seems like the course is just entirely shut down until after break, whereas my computing courses have continued online with only a week's gap to prepare.

That means that, as far as I can tell, I'm caught up on everything!!

Tomorrow is an online test for the philosophy course at 12 pm, so I'd better sleep so that I can actually wake up for that. It's a word document with questions in it that I fill out and then email back. It says not to consult the internet or my notes during the test (since it was supposed to be an in-class test), but they're not voice or video calling me or monitoring my computer so there's actually no way for them to know. I'll be a good sport anyway, so if you somehow found this blog Mark, don't go accusing me of cheating D:

That's it for today's post, and now that we're here, this means that I've written every day for 3 complete weeks now. Go me! If you've stuck with me this far, go you! I'm not checking who's visiting here, so I have no idea if anyone actually cares about my writing. That's fine though, because as I outlined in the first post, I'm also doing this for myself, and I don't plan on stopping.

The Pokémon of the day is #797 Celesteela.

­— Cadence

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