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Red lights

Red lights with nobody to wait for them.

Today we went to the shops, which took a very long time because it's a 20 minute queue to get in, because the staff only allow so many people inside at a time. We went to two shops and neither of them had flour. What is everyone doing with all the flour?

This evening I started playing with a 6502 emulator. I figured out how to set any 16-bit address and write a value to it, and it's really dumb. You have to prepare the target using two bytes in memory, low byte first and high byte after, but this has to be in the zero page (assume we're using $94 for the low byte) and then you set the Y register to 0, and then you prepare the accumulator with the value to store, and then you use STA ($94),Y. You can only write from the accumulator, you can only use Y as the index not X, and you must use the zero page, and you cannot use labels. I don't know why there are so many restrictions and I don't want to know.

Today I had ""fun"" doing my own things with it. Tomorrow I'll complete the work that was set out for me.

Expand selection for Emacs is an extremely good package to install. I love it so much. Multiple cursors is a little bit weird but I think I can use it.

Tomorrow is April Fools Day and I'm looking forward to the xkcd comic. Every year I have nothing funny to do and this year is no different. I need to write down ideas to use in the future.

Daylight savings is undone in a few days. :((((((

— Cadence

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