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Golden apple

Drama in the Discord server!

Someone that I vaguely know was revealed to be secretly screenshotting and sharing messages from a private server. It was also revealed that the person they were sharing the messages to was extremely racist. As a result, I kicked the screenshotter from the private server, but my friends in there didn't think I followed due process (they wanted to reach a consensus, but I interrupted), so one of them kicked me in turn. We've all agreed to give me a day to cool off and then I'll come back. This is extremely extremely paraphrased because the whole story is convoluted, so the vibes you're getting from this paragraph aren't representative of the vibes in real life. Everything should end up relatively fine, at least for me.

I finally know what's going to happen with my classes. Mostly. Go me.

589 covid cases is an explosion. It'll be a couple of weeks before level 4 impacts the numbers because of the incubation time. Flour was sold out when we went shopping last week.

I've asked the university if they can update my name on file so that I'm not deadnamed by the corner of my screen during online classes.

This one's staying short because a LOT has happened online today and I want to sleep so I can have some brainpower for classes tomorrow. Huzzah.

Instead of a daily picture, have a daily myth. Look up "golden apple of discord" to understand the post title. Neat.

— Cadence

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