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I need a place where I belong...!

Material for the next week's lab has been released, so I've logged on to take a stab at it, and I haven't managed to pass the tests yet. I'm about 95% sure their tests are broken, and I've opened the actual test data files and I can plainly see the inconsistencies, but I still wouldn't put it past me to mess up my code this horribly, given the previous tableau travesty. I'll wait for the actual lab session to ask for help.

(Ah, the tableau... why didn't they give me an interface to compile against???)

Emacs apparently has a multiple cursors package which I'll definitely have to try out tomorrow.

Still no news from PHIL105 about what will occur >:(

Please suggest me good music player applications for Linux desktop and for Android. I've been mildly thinking about getting out my ancient iPod touch to use as a music player because the built in music app is just really good, but then I'd be really annoyed by having to actually get music on to it, because Apple.

As I was writing this sentence, divine inspiration struck, and I've solved another level in Inward Hellix, taking me up to level 14.

Better head off now. I have things to do tomorrow.

And take me to a place called home...!

— Cadence

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