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This is more for myself than for anyone else. It's time for me to figure out what's actually going to happen with classes on Monday.

I've received a torrent of emails over the last week but there doesn't seem to be a single central coherent place to see what is going to happen. So I guess I'll have to make my own.

I can't actually edit this post so it's probably doomed to fail in exactly the same way as the mailing list. Hmm.

COSC 241

Nobody really knows for sure yet, but it seems that:

Announcements will be communicated through email, Blackboard, and Teams.

Lecture recordings will be published ahead of time. The regular lecture time will become an open discussion about the material. The discussion will be hosted on Teams.

Lab instructions are published on Teams.

Lecture slides and supplementary code are available in the sidebar on Blackboard.

The discussion board is cursed. Do not touch it ever again!!!!!!

COSC 243

They've actually made a single post with the future information, so I'll simply reword them to describe what I must do. (M!!! V!!! P!!!!!)

Lecture slides and recordings will be put on Blackboard ahead of time and the lecture time slot will be replaced with Q&A over Zoom. The Zoom URL is [redacted].

Tutorial notes will be put on Blackboard and I must email my written answers to marks241 at the cs website. Marks are awarded for effort because they love us all so much <3

A tutor will also record a video at the start of the week and put it online (where?)

The tutorial times will become Q&A over Zoom, blah de blah. Different URL.

PHIL 105

I have no fucking clue. If there's no news by Monday I'll have to write some irritated emails to Mark and JPBV.

The rest of the post

If you use AppImages, then you should definitely install AppImageLauncher or appimaged to integrate them with the system automagically.

The photos of the day were taken when I went on a walk. Since blah de blah no touching people, the folks have put soft toys in the windows of their houses and cars for children to spot on their isolation walks. one / two / three / four

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