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Mario Kart 9


what a true leader, says we need herd immunity and really takes charge and leads by example


excuse me.

let's see... ah!

Today I added a feature to Amanda where you can add many songs to a playlist at once by just dumping their links into chat rather than having to use the &pl add <link> command every time. Of course there's still &pl import if your playlist is already on YouTube.

I also enabled HTTP 2 because apparently I forgot to do that before. That was easy because nginx.

I added a feature to this blog where new posts are automatically beamed into the Wayback Machine, so you can access them even after this website is gone. I don't want it to be gone, but everything ends some day. I'm using this API to submit my URL to Wayback. We'll see if it works after I publish this post, I suppose. I have no (convenient) way to edit posts here, and I haven't needed to manually bodge any changes to past posts so far, besides changing the date on one because I entered it wrong at first.

Tonight I discovered Mario Kart 9 (For Nintendo Switch). First of all, this is the FAN wiki for FAN THINGS THAT DON'T EXIST. There is no game, there are no downloads of it, because it doesn't exist. Just give it a read through with that in mind. I came across this randomly and expected it to be cringy and bad but I actually extremely like it and I would be happy if it was a real official game. I like Free Run mode (about time), and I think Balloon Thief mode would be extremely fun. I was reasonably happy with the article and I was about to close the tab and pass it off as a fun diversion until I noticed the YouTube embeds at the bottom.

The game actually has music composed for (I think all?) of its tracks!! And it's actually good. My favourite by far is Cyber Highway (see also: final lap version, sunshine airport), but you should totally listen to all of them by going to the person's channel page. This is extremely underrated in my opinion, which is why I've made it a large part of today's post. Please listen to this. I know I'll definitely be listening to it again.

Mario Kart 9 has definitely been the highlight of the day (this is not ironic!!!), but I also spent a couple of hours reading CSS-Tricks, so I have learned some mildly useful things too, like that :nth-child is really awful because it's evaluated first in the expression, and that you can make a scrolling progress indicator using the world's worst CSS hacks of all time. I love this so much. Here's some trivia about CSS grid too.

I've also been working on refactoring FreeTube's settings page to make it not look like a toddler stood in a bucket of paint material design components and then walked all over the window. If you're reading this, sorry Preston : (

I still don't know how to use Vue which is definitely making things interesting. At least I can be content with turning everything into Sass.

The status of my classes is still ambiguous, but I've been told to expect more over the weekend?

A longer post than I expected. If that wasn't enough media for today, here's a cute cat, I guess.

— Cadence

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