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Today I spent a few hours playing with Solid (link one, two) to see if I could use it in any future projects that required an account system and storing user data. The answer is that no, I cannot use it, because I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. Attempting to deviate from the official code samples breaks with no explanation, and the documentation absolutely doesn't exist. Apparently it works over HTTP and REST, and while I appreciate the explanation of how linked data works, I don't actually know what the endpoints are or how to request from them, and I don't know anything about the login flow. Big waste of time, sadly. It looked like it was going to be cool.

I submitted this cool pull request to the FreeTube rewrite.

I still like MK8's battle mode.

I found two nice looking projects related to Instagram, instagram-atom and Granary.

In fonts like Bariol, used here, and Whitney, used in Discord, I've found that writing U+200A HAIR SPACE between : and ) makes a slightly cuter smiley face. Compare:

  • :)
  • : )

The picture of the day is of these absolutely stunning colours — though if your monitor calibration is different from my phone then it'll probably look extremely lame. Trust me, it's extremely pretty on my phone : )

If I don't hear from my class instructors tomorrow morning I'll have to send some emails out asking what the hell is going to happen next week.

— Cadence

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