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No surprises

Nothing was supposed to happen today and nothing did happen. I may have an actual class tomorrow, we'll see.

I made dinner from this recipe: Pretty good but I think it needs more spice. I made the vegan version with an extra can of chickpeas instead of chicken. Animal cruelty is a fuck.

I used to dislike Mario Kart 8 Deluxe's Battle Mode, but now that I've played the main game more I'm actually starting to like it more. My big problem was that I was treating Bob-omb Blast the same as it was in Double Dash when the actual bomb mechanics are very different. At first that made me upset and not want to play it, but I've started to appreciate it as its own thing. Online lag is a fuck though, and there's no people in regionals to battle with.

People think it's really funny to have virus-related names online. So far I've seen "COVID-19", "no corona", and "dont cough". Makes sense, everyone is shut in and gaming.

15 music errors in the last 11 hours. Updating Invidious has helped. I wonder if enabling the native Invidious proxy feature will help anything. The 15 errors are all caused by stream URL 403s, but I have no idea why since when I manually try it with the same video it works fine. Signature extraction bugs?

Setting Invidious to force IPv4 has very mysteriously cured 403s that I could manually reproduce. I don't care enough to open a GitHub issue about this.

Maybe some things did happen today after all. : ) I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

— Cadence

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