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Lmao @ me yesterday saying nothing interesting would happen. This has been one of the craziest days in a while, from start to finish.

This morning I had a surprise visit from the developer of Lavalink. I'll respect their privacy by not saying too much, but basically we were already mutuals online on another platform and I had no idea. It would seem that there are 20 different people on the internet. I have so much respect for them that it was really jarring to find out that we had already talked in a much more friendly manner elsewhere without me realising. Imagine looking up to some professional athlete, aspiring to do what they do, and then later find out that the athlete was actually your neighbour John who joins you for a walk in the part every weekend. This event was much more brain blasting than I'm making it sound.

Anyway, they wanted to tell me about a new Lavalink build that should fix the 404s from a few days ago. A problem: one of my nodes is currently blocked, and I can no longer use Invidious as a fallback because the nodes are in different countries and type 2 region blocking means they can't use the same instance. I spent about an hour writing code to select the Invidious instance based on which Lavalink node is being used. That wasn't fun.

The errors are... sort of clearing up? 20 failed plays in the last 14 hours. I've had worse days and I don't have the energy to attend to it anymore right now. 1290 successful plays in the last 24 hours, so while 20 failed plays is definitely bad, I make it a 97%+ success rate. The errors now seem to happen in groups, I don't know why. At least I'm not seeing that dumb 404 error any more — all of these are now in my hands. I assume that once I'm unblocked and I turn off Invidious things will be more reliable.

I thought I had four classes today, but I actually had none, because nobody uploaded lecture recordings. Since I had radio silence about lectures from all three courses, I assumed some sort of recordings would be uploaded, but apparently not. It's going to be a really weird week. This was much more anxiety inducing than I'm making it sound here.

Normally the flat all gets takeaway on Fridays, but since all restaurants will be closed then, we've decided to swap it with today, so it was pizza again. The nearest store was full, so we had to phone the second closest one, get it delivered to a friend's house, and then drive to them and take the pizzas back home.

Preston is rewriting FreeTube and I'm trying to clean up some of their horrific CSS. I've introduced Sass to the project and I've mostly refactored one file which should make our lives much easier in the future. I don't know how Vue works, but I do know CSS, and luckily Vue doesn't seem to mess with CSS much, so I'm not out of my depth. When a certain class is applied to a root node, many already styled things inside the root node must change their appearance, and the most friendly way to structure this for humans to read is to have a selector inside the child that detects when the class is applied to the ancestor. And here's how you do it. This mixin takes the selector that contains it, then puts .topNavBarColor at the front. Sass is cool.

Here's me aligning some things. I reverted it though because those changes wouldn't survive a refactor.

It's been a day and a half. It's currently 4:48 am, but fortunately there's nothing happening tomorrow that I need to get up for (lol). See ya.

— Cadence

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