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Video list redesign

The conquest to replace the entirety of FreeTube with my own code continues. This time I've changed 32 files to rewrite lists of videos and video-likes.

All lists of videos and video-likes, which means search results, a channel's uploaded videos, the contents of playlists, the recommended videos sidebar, and so on, are all made of the same component, just displayed and at different sizes to better suit the context. The styling for this used to be... interesting. Now all the interesting parts are replaced with more sensible decisions.

(I'm probably going to look back at my code in a year and think that it sucks and how did I ever come up with this, but right now I'm moderately happy with it.)

Apparently the Riot app for the Matrix chat protocol is changing its name. I guess they needed more SEO in June 2020. I'm interested to see what it'll be renamed to, and I hope they don't pick something cringe. Definitely don't read the comments on h***** n***, those are all VERY cringe.

— Cadence

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