Raspberry Pi Bibliogram

What a creative post title. Today I improved the updater script to make it easy to install Bibliogram on Raspberry Pi — but only if you're on the latest version of Raspbian that has fish 3.0.2. Still considering what to do about that.

The npm install step takes about 12 minutes on my Pi 2 because it has to compile sqlite3 because there's no prebuilts. I wonder if I could provide prebuilts.

I also wonder if I could provide a prebuild of fish 3+ for people on older versions. That sounds a little messy. I may or may not look in to it.

I'm trying to get into a collab to finish a music track I made in 2018 for LSDJ on Game Boy with someone who knows how to use Famitracker + 0cc. This could be interesting.

I've been thinking more about how to distribute the Instagram request cache files and I think it would be easiest to use npm with a git repo, BUT not for collaborators since they might have to update that repo themselves, which sounds annoying.

Maybe I'll turn the request cache files into a server that can host them for download on demand, and allow uploads for other people that have stuff to push. This sounds cool, though I'd need some kind of authorisation system to stop people from pushing garbage on their computers up there. This idea definitely intrigues me the most, but I don't know if it'll be possible to pull it off, and it's definitely overcomplicating things.

— Cadence

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