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Video info redesign III

I have continued to work on the video info redesign. Today for the first time I used CSS grid template areas which were really freaking cool for organising the layout as it switches between different screen sizes and shapes. You can see my progress on GitHub. I've checked off all of the things that needed review from last time!

CI sucks.

(Image explanation: Someone else's computer is running some automated tests on the code. 2 out of 3 of the tests complete, the other 1 fails. The failing step is "Upload Mac .dmg artifact" and the error reason is "connect ETIMEDOUT". This means that everything tested fine, and then it tried to upload the artifact file (if you aren't familiar, you can think of this as a file with the results of the test) and the upload failed because the servers it was supposed to upload to happened to be broken at the time.)

Today I feel particularly gay. I don't know it is about today, that's just what's happening. I'm really gay. It's pride month so I'm legally required to tell you that.

Link of the day: Phil's PGP Docs.

— Cadence

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