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Video info redesign continued

Today I continued working on FreeTube, changing these things:

  • Created a brand new component for share links, with fully working buttons
  • Right aligned the like bar counters
  • Added links to copy or open URLs to video embeds
  • Changed the sizes and positions of the video player controls to look hopefully not janky
  • Changed a component Preston wrote to not interfere with random CSS in other components

The pull request discussion continues...

A couple of years ago I wrote a custom script to control the RGB lighting on my keyboard. Last week the wrong keys started lighting up due to some weird change upstream in OpenRazer, so I changed my script so that the correct keys light up again.

It's Wednesday which is the day that I make dinner, and I did make dinner, using a variation on this recipe.

This will be the 97th post on this blog, which is really cool. I still have a perfect record on the posting every day thing. Let it be known that after 99 posts I will no longer care about continuing the streak, so if I miss a day past that then it's just because absolutely nothing happened.

— Cadence

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