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Riivolution patcher

Riivolution is an on-the-fly game patcher for the Wii, allowing you to use custom content easily. It's designed to work with game discs only. With a lack of game discs, I want it to work with ISO/WBFS archives, or at least I want a system that lets me patch an archive according to the directions in the Riivolution patch XML.

Riivolution operates on files inside the archive, but extracting the archive is simple with Wiimm's ISO Tools (WIT).

I have no idea if this will be challenging, and I also have no idea if it will actually be completely possible. I don't know if I can do Ocarina codes or savegames. File and folder patches seem totally possible, though. I might be able to do memory patches by creating a Gecko code for the USB loader or emulator to use.

I'll focus on folder mode first, since it's the one that I most care about. So far I've written code which collects data from the XML. I believe all I have to do now is walk the disc's filesystem and replace files as required.

There's a custom track distribution called Yoshi's Racing Resort which looks like a chill time.

New Zealand is moving to Covid alert level 1 I believe today, which means gatherings of any size are allowed. I'm keen to get back to playing Smash on Saturdays.

— Cadence

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