Today I visited the computer labs at the university to study. I found out more about what one of the exams is going to be and how it's going to work.

I also made a theme for Bibliogram which is based on Discord's appearance. Homepage / User page / Try it yourself!

Bibliogram is still breaking even with gm instead of sharp and I'm reaching my fucking limit. Perflyst hasn't had problems with Bibliogram on his Debian 10 server which is the only thing that runs on it, so I've created a new Debian 10 server, copied the data from bibliogram.art to it, and then changed the DNS so that it's the new bibliogram.art. Anyone with the old DNS cached somewhere will see a page explaining what has happened, assuming that I set that up correctly. It worked in curl, and it should have HTTPS, so hopefully browsers aren't bowled over by it previously having HSTS enabled.

The new server was set up using the updater script, so I got to iron out a couple of bugs in that too.

Time will tell whether this ends up having the same issues as before.

— Cadence

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