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End of May

It's the end of May and the year is progressing disturbingly quickly. Is this what it's like to get old?

I think that next week is the last week of classes, then later, exams. I think I'll be able to use that gap to put in some serious time to contribute to open source projects, since I'm relatively comfortable with the material that they'll be testing me on.

Someone named girst in the Invidious room on Matrix has just announced their new project, unnamed-youtube-frontend, which I'll be calling girst-yt for now. This actually seems really really interesting — it's written in Python, the code is tiny, and it's really freaking fast. Check it out: There's also some sort of API on The source code is (temporarily) available at

According to girst, the software is resistant to being blocked by YouTube. I very much doubt that that's true. We'll find out soon enough.

I've registered an account on Disroot because they had a really good handle available for an email address that will be much easier to tell people than the address that I currently use. If anybody knows whether Disroot is a good service or not, please let me know whether I should actually use it!

Check out these cool security talks: Elevator hacking / Elevator hacking addendum / Physical keys / Other physical security

— Cadence

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