Bibliogram themes III

Time for perhaps the final installment of the Bibliogram themes saga.'s dark theme, with my fixes, is now available everywhere that's running the latest version! You can try it out by selecting that theme on the settings page.

Aside from that I completed the second class test in a row. This one is marked by actual people so I'll have to wait for them to get back to me on that to see how I did. I think I did moderately well.

Due to Covid-19 the university is going to give everyone a 5 point increase in their overall mark in all papers, and then continue to apply the ordinary strictness to the special considerations form, which I think is a sensible way of doing it. I can't complain.

There's only a couple of weeks of the semester left, so I don't think I'll bother to actually go to the university for that time, even if classes are there. I'll continue to watch them online.

We have this weekend and only this weekend to complete the fabled group project. Lol.

I failed to submit the tutorial sheet for one of my classes, due earlier today. Maybe I'll do the work on the weekend and ask them nicely to accept it, maybe I won't bother.

This is my gender. (cw screamed vocals)

— Cadence

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