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Wow, I really am tired, in many ways. Maybe this is the start of my sleep redemption arc. I think I've said that before. I really need just a break from absolutely everything — I'm doing nothing and yet I'm doing too much. Winter break can't come fast enough. @_@

The entire rest of the semester should be online, so online is where I'll stay. Even if in-person classes open back up, I think I should stay home anyway for everyone's safety, though I may reconsider this later. Later this week and next week the country will be moving to level 2 which means stuff like restaurants and bars will be opening, which is kind of nuts, considering that certain other countries are still seeing thousands of new cases per day.

Everyone else in my group project freaking sucks and I'm having to nanny them to arrange a time to chat about the report that we need to be writing. Lord help me. I'm not having a great time.

I would write an extended thing about Myst Online but I really do not have the energy. I'll just say that it's a completely free MMO focused on exploration, puzzle solving and meeting people that I've REALLY wanted to properly get into for the longest time but I just haven't felt the motivation to go through it with just me, and people that I've asked to play with on the past have flaked on me, which super sucks. If you want to have a regularly scheduled extremely chill hangout with me and some other cuties online then PLEASE send a message my way, you know how to find me.

Welcome back, again.(✿‪‪ ◕◡◕)

— Cadence

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