Bibliogram themes II

Today I made it much easier and friendlier to create a theme for Bibliogram. I wrote an article on the GitHub wiki explaining how to do it. If you like computers, give it a try! It's easier than you might think.

I've spent a little while tonight working on this with TheFrenchGhosty, who runs He's used the theme controls that I've been working on to create a dark theme for Bibliogram. Smell the difference! Classic / Custom

I'd like a few tweaks to be made, like the poor contrast of the link colour, but apart from that I'd love to accept this as a pull request for everyone to see and use.

I also investigated two browser extensions for managing your history better. One is Memex, which saves and indexes the pages you visit, allowing you to later full text search your entire browser history, which is very cool. The other is SingleFile, which can download any web page into, well, a single HTML file, and can also be set up to automatically download all the pages that you visit. I'm going to trial that and see how much disk space in ends up using, and then rethink my choices. It sucks when a page that you like goes offline, and while the Internet Archive Wayback Machine is definitely great, it can't preserve everything. Both extensions are open source.

— Cadence

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