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Today I did nothing except sit in front of my computer and watch Mario Kart Wii videos lol. I did not succeed in the getting up before noon without an alarm challenge 2020, despite what I hoped in yesterday's post.

Dinner was homemade pizzas which was pretty cool. Cleaning previously melted cheese off plates and knives is annoying though.

It seems like New Zealand will be moving to lockdown level 3 soon, which means takeaways will be open, which means we'll be able to have takeaway pizza on Fridays which was the previous norm. That'll be cool. The announcement for if we're moving to level 3 or not will come on the 20th, I think, so I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

Before level 4, they called it "contactless delivery", which is a cute brand name for "we leave the pizza on the doorstep and just walk away" — significantly less glamorous than it sounds. I don't know what I expected.

University starts back next week, and I ought to make a schedule for myself so that I actually consume the required content. I've submitted my feedback for 243 in which I asked the lecturer to speak louder since I can barely hear him on my computer with the volume at 100%.

I think I'll go and lie in bed and watch more Mario Kart Wii videos to close out the day. TWD98 is a good channel.

— Cadence

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