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This morning I got up extremely early for a blood test for my endocrinology appointment. I missed the hourly bus by 20 seconds, so I ended up walking all the way, taking about 40 minutes. It wasn't too cold so it was a pretty nice walk actually.

The door was guarded by a person in a high-vis jacket inquiring if visitors had a cold or flu or similar symptoms, because that would be Pretty Bad if they did.

They took some of my blood. I'll spare you the details.

The letter with my endo appointment details finally arrived. It's for the 28th over the phone. I've been assigned Patrick Manning, which is the same person that two of my flatmates have. Unfortunately for me, both of them really dislike how he treats his patients. I won't go into detail about this. There is another person I could see called Victoria Stott, so I think tomorrow I'll ring up the hospital and see if there's any way I can get on her list instead, hopefully without restarting the freaking 4 month waiting list timer.

About midday my eyes were hurting, so I had a 40 minute nap to let them recover. My brain took some time to recover from the nap, but it was worth it on my eyes. I hope this becomes the start of a trend of getting up earlier rather than at midday, because I'm really not coping well with not having to get out of bed at all for classes on half of the days in the week, and then having to be up for classes at 10 am on the others.

Time will tell.

Emacs is growing on me. I can't remember if I've talked about this before, but I'm now using Emacs's keybinds in VSCode. Some of the keybinds are quite comfy, actually. I've been thinking about learning an Emacs distribution like Spacemacs or Doom because they have more sensible builtin packages and keybinds but I really don't want to have to relearn Emacs another time. We'll see how I go with mostly defaults, I can always move over later.

I'm writing this post in Emacs, actually. It's pretty comfy, and I just love the incremental search feature for going back and editing grammar or inserting a word earlier in the document.

I'm now typing at around 26 WPM on MessagEase. I'm still looking at the keyboard a lot, but in another week or two I bet I'll have committed the letter positions entirely to memory, which means typing will be a lot faster.

I'm finishing up this post a lot sooner in the night than usual. Here's hoping for a better sleep!

— Cadence

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