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Tableau II

Discord added a reduced motion setting. Go and turn it on right now, it makes the app actually usable without custom CSS. You should still use custom CSS anyway though.

The Tableau makes a menacing return. Fortunately I can't make the same mistake as last time since the input and commands are supplied on stdin and I just have to process it and return my answers on stdout, so the tests can't try to run methods that don't exist.

The template that they've given me seems really annoying for trying to code the task in so earlier tonight I made brand new classes and deleted most of the code they provided me. I passed all the tests, but I'll have to ask tomorrow if they'll allow that or if I have to work within the template. Even if I have to start over with their template, I at least have a better understanding of how the problem works, so it should be much less of a hassle than it was tonight.

In 243 I learned about CPU interrupts. They seem kind of janky. I'll withhold judgement until I get to try them out in the 6502 emulator, which is what I assume this week's labs are about.

The recipe of the day is the same one that I made 2 weeks ago. I will make it tomorrow. I'll try adding more spice than last time and see how it turns out.

I didn't write this blog post on MessagEase, but I have reached 22 words per minute, an improvement from my previous 15 or so. Moving up in the world.

— Cadence

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