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*t*ableau test trickery

Holy shit, I am so, so angry.

I just spent literally an entire hour trying to figure out how my mock tests are different from the actual tests, and why my mock tests are fine and the actual tests are failing.

The answer? I wrote T instead of t in the name of one of my methods. The mock tests tried to call isSetOf1toN when my method was named isSetOf1ToN.

Even though we're writing Java, somehow and for some reason the tests aren't compiled against my actual class, which would have caught the incorrectly named method, and the tests also don't tell me if, y'know, an entire method is missing, and for SOME REASON the tests ALSO don't provide me with THE ACTUAL ERROR MESSAGE, preferring instead to print 5 characters of garbage to stdout, which I guess is supposed to hint that something something compile error? ????

Cool. Really cool.

I'm writing this shortly after that experience while I wait for my bus back home to arrive. I can ssh into the labs from home, but for some reason emacs lsp doesn't work over tramp, and if I ssh into the server and run emacs in there, the text colours are messed up. I don't think I can apply emacs colour customisations dependent on whether I'm connected through SSH or not.

Aside from that it's been a good day, I guess holy shit I almost forgot, 3 new coronavirus cases, and one of them is in my city. Yay. And 20% of the population of the city is students, who are all attending classes. Yaaaaay. One of the lecturers, who despite teaching a computing course, seems to be absolutely incompetent at using said computers, so good luck getting live streams or recordings for that class.


For some reason Amanda is used in many Korean Discord servers. PapiOphidian and I are setting up a new virtual server in Singapore to host Lavalink in order to provide better audio quality to the general Asia area. Along the way, I've discovered that there's a lot of Lavalink/LavaPlayer updates that I should probably have. Compiling Lavalink was the one easy thing that occurred today — just run gradle bootJar. I have also discovered a Lavalink setting that, as far as I can tell, dictates how much audio should be sent in each packet to Discord. Giving a bigger number means that that much audio from the end of every song won't play.

The video of the day is me building a half adder with logic gates. Computers are cool (except for when they don't tell me to write a capital letter).

I am very, very tired. I think I'll go play Mario Kart.

— Cadence

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