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Tableau test trickery

My code change from yesterday didn't work and it's still crashing in exactly the same way. Oh no.

Since nobody else's copies of it are crashing, I guess it depends on the part of the world we're in. Relocating my virtual server is a last resort, I suppose?

I'm not sure how I want to proceed. I think the error is from the TCP socket not actually connecting, which is why I wasn't able to fake reproduce it before, because the socket actually connected in the fakes.

I don't know how to make a TCP socket that doesn't connect that I can test against.

Today I spent my time writing Java code for my next university class. I have to check if an array of array of int is a Young tableau. I'm nearly there, but I'm stuck trying to pass one of their test cases, where I cannot see the input. You would not believe how difficult it is to spell tableau, repeatedly, while writing the code.

The photo of the day is the view from my house! It was very drizzly and cold today, but fortunately I took a pretty photo a couple of days ago.

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