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Some changes will be applied after reloading.
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Latest changes to my website

Background image

The background of the website is now a pretty pattern. I think that using a pattern background recontextualises a lot of things of the site. "What does that mean, Cadence?" I don't know.

The background image is a heavily edited Windows XP built-in tiled wallpaper. GNU Image Manipulator's "cubism" filter did most of the work. After that it was a matter of adjusting the hue and contrast so that it would be noticable while not interfering with reading the actual text.

If you want to add a tiled image background to your entire site, I'd recommend using black text on a light image background to make it easier to read. Example of a light background image. This is because when the whole screen is darkish like my website, variations in that dark colour are more noticable, whereas when the whole screen is light, variations in that light colour are less noticable. For the background, you probably want it to be less noticable because the text should take priority.

Related, I might add a light theme variant to my whole site for accessiblity. We'll see.

Weblog word

The blog section has been renamed "weblog" (the URLs are staying the same, at least for now.) The story behind the word weblog is that diaries, or logs of one's activities, when on the web, were called weblogs (web-logs). This was shortened to "blog" somewhere around the mid-2000s.

In recent years, the number of companies running self-described blogs is out of control. Here are the types of things that are called blogs on the web as it stands today:

Commercial interests are persistently gaming internet search engines and making them useless for finding personal websites, actual websites with stories and hearts to them.

Me using the word "weblog" rather than the now-meaningless "blog" is an attempt to fight back against this. Hopefully I don't get dropped off the SEO rankings as a result of changing this important word across my entire site oh god why am I thinking about SEO I have never put a single second of thought into the SEO for this website before now

XXX: Reword and rewrite this post when not exhausted

— Cadence

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