Mario Kart Double Dash Unlockables

These have been written about before on the internet. However, all the online guides I found were difficult to understand or contained incorrect information.

In this guide, rather than simply listing all unlockables, I am presenting information in the form of, unlock this by doing that.

Everything in the game is unlocked by achieving first place (gold trophy) on a specific cup in Grand Prix mode. If playing multiplayer Grand Prix, either player can get first place for it to count.

Cups and modes


Battle courses


Alternative title screen background

Normally, every single cup gives its own individual unlockable, except for 50cc and 100cc All Cup Tour, which have no associated unlockables.

However, to unlock the alternative title screen background, you must get gold on every cup on every speed, including 50cc and 100cc All Cup Tour.

I hate reading. Can you show me this as a picture?

I found a wonderful infographic created by user Zurioko.

Please see their post: -- direct image link.

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