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Sometimes I think of simple solutions to problems. Sometimes I spend far too long chasing my own tail.

This is probably best illustrated through a conversation I had online with Lepton.

cadence: due to games that use WASD for movement and don't let me configure those keys, maybe I'll make a script that recognises which window I'm in and adjusts the layout to Qwerty if it's one of those games. cadence: if I use the command line to change layout back to Qwerty, I can play the game fine cadence: I want to tab out and use instant messaging while playing, it's just so annoying to use the command every time lepton: can you set this to a hotkey? cadence: hmm, that would be significantly smarter cadence: I will consider. lepton: default for layouts is super+space, very convenient cadence: there's no default for it due to my window manager, but I could set up a hotkey, yeah! I totally forgot about that cadence: maybe super+k for keyboard lepton: well, the K would move, probably cadence: okay, well, super+keythatdoesn'tmove. cadence: I can write an easy script for it cadence: oh wait cadence: super+k changes to qwerty cadence: super+n changes to workman cadence: (same key) cadence: I don't even need to write scripts then cadence: there's no command to "toggle layout" so I was going to write a script that reads the current layout and activates the other one cadence: but you pointed out that I don't even need to cadence: very productive conversation, thank you lepton: I didn't contribute much but you're welcome anyway! cadence: couldn't have done it without you :)

Not everything requires writing a script. Step back, pause, and use your mind before writing code, even if it's trivial.


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