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Catch up

Well well well, hasn't it been a while?

Let's do a quick catch up on how my life is and what I'm doing lately. Tasks and goals.


  • My fifth semster of university has started. My Tuesday and Thursday are totally full, and Wednesday and Friday mornings are also used. I have weekends and Monday off.


  • Invidious replacement
  • OpenStreetMap. My current goals for that:
    • Discuss and formalise how to map gender-segregated toilets
    • Explore and add bus routes in person (one route completed)
    • Fill in data with StreetComplete
  • Spend time outside every day, because it's good for my head
  • Play CrossCode
  • Work on a CrossCode texture swap to remove Lea's horns
  • Play the Netrunner card game
  • Go to queer gatherings
  • Programming language design (currently trying to debug scopes)
  • Increase my computer's physical security
    • Emergency shutdown switch
    • A more convenient way to unlock FDE
    • Distribute physical revocation keys
    • Take backups more frequently (I have no excuse)
    • Have physical records of how I can remotely restore the backups
    • Physical tamper evident seals
  • Figure out where all the time goes each day


  • Carbon, unfortunately.


That's about it for the overview, I think. Phew.

I've been thinking about getting back into writing every day, partly for a record of what I've been doing, partly so I can show my friends my interests and what I've been up to lately.

Today I played Netrunner, worked on my CrossCode texture swap, made bread, and cried. Tomorrow I have classes and a blood test to do. Wednesday I think I can do my washing.

I think my mood swings occur in the middle of each month. I'll keep track more carefully from now on.

I love my friends.

I hope I sleep well.


A seal on a cushion spinning a globe on its nose.
Another seal. They are friends!