Class grind

Today I walked down to the university again and got caught up on all my classes, and it's only Thursday, so I should have plenty of time tomorrow to finish the last tutorial worksheet for the week. The actual classes weren't particularly interesting.

Once again, I'm amazed that I've kept the post-every-day chain going for so long. When I inevitably break the streak I don't think I'll be super upset, but I'll be more okay with not writing a post if I have nothing interesting to say.

On the other hand, I didn't think I had anything interesting to say today either, but I've actually written a decent amount of content here, so trying to write anyway is a good idea and I should definitely at least try to put words on the page in the future.

One of the people that I used to play Smash Bros against before Covid-19 happened is also doing computer science, and we happened to spot each other in the labs since we both happened to be there at the same time. That was pretty funny. I'm excited to get back to playing again hopefully one day soon.

Bibliogram's red colour looks completely different on the 5 screens that I've looked at it on (my desktop, my phone, a friend's desktop, a friend's iPad Pro, the iMacs in the computer labs) and this is making me really really annoyed because if I change it to look how I want it to look for one of those screens it starts looking bad on the other screens. I don't know what to do about this, but at least themes exist, so people can choose something else that they like better?

The experiment has gone very well and I've isolated the part of the code that was causing problems, which I'm really proud of myself for. I do not understand the root cause, but at least I'll be able to fix it. Hopefully I can create something to quickly reproduce the problem so that I can effectively test my fix. I have a couple of theories on how I can approach this, and I expect I'll be able to have a full writeup on it tomorrow if I manage to figure it out quickly.

Check out this interesting video from the computer company Gigabyte. I'm really not sure how to feel.

I don't have an edit button and I'm usually too lazy to proofread my posts, so if there's typos in this post, as well as any posts in the past or future, they will most likely stay forever.

— Cadence

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