Bibliogram updater plans

I have realised a little too late that most people don't want to constantly watch the Bibliogram chatroom and manually update things when there's new changes. They want a service that updates itself automatically to the latest version and keeps itself running without human interaction. So I am working on a new project that should hopefully not take too long to develop that will make it easy for anyone to install Bibliogram and keep it up to date afterwards.

I'm going to write it as a collection of shell scripts in fish because I like fish. Maybe someone who understands bash can help me port it to bash. The idea is that the install script can automatically install dependencies, clone the repo, and set up common configuration values rather than the person having to read a large amount of documentation and fiddle with things themselves.

The update script would then somehow monitor for changes on GitHub, and when a change happens, it can stop Bibliogram, git pull, npm install, and start Bibliogram again.

If somehow I push something broken to GitHub, the updater script shouldn't be affected, and it can just keep fetching new commits until I fix it.

But first, I ought to work on my classes, as seems to be the trend on all Thursdays lately.

— Cadence

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