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Amanda is now translated into Polish thanks to the hard work of volunteers!

As part of the translations, every string (piece of text) has been moved to external files and made accessible through an interface that automatically returns the correctly translated string in the person's preferred language. Since the strings are loaded in once at the start and then saved in memory, we needed a way to refresh the strings for new changes so we can update without downtime. I have finally managed to do this.

I added a postinstall script to the npm package for translated strings. This means that whenever the package is updated, a line of code will run. This line communicates with the shard processes, telling them to reload the file. This means that I just have to run npm install and then the strings are immediately available in memory for people to see.

There is another important annoucement from Amanda: once we reach 2500 servers, Amanda's code will be published as open source. (24 MB MP4.) We have a fair bit of work to do to clean up the code to prepare for that.

My mountain of work is now a molehill of work. I think I just have one episode of COSC 241 to watch, and a PHIL email to send.

I wrote this whole post on MessagEase. I am definitely getting quite fast. Blind keyboard soon!

— Cadence

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