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Hill III

Daylight savings has been gone for about a week now and it's really sad. I wish it was daylight savings all the time. The view from Signal Hill at around 6:30 pm now looks like this. Which is pretty, yes, but also extremely cold and dark. I hate winter and we're not even in it yet. Haha Cadence go brrr.

I forgot to mention yesterday, but I made the same dinner that I did 2 weeks ago, but with the proper amounts of spices. It still wasn't really spicy. I feel like I should try doubling all the spices next time, but this might be a terrible idea. Only one way to find out!

I won't make the same dinner 2 weeks in a row, so we'll all have to wait a little while to find out how it goes.

scritcher is cute tech. If you can get it and all its dependencies installed, it's extremely fun to use. At the time of writing it needs zig revision e8a1e2a1d (download), and if you're on Ubuntu, a couple of source modifications (apply with patch -p1 < file.patch).

I tried a bit of soy milk today. It's like cow's milk mixed with brown rice. Very interesting. It's not bad, it's just weird. Not sure if I'll make the switch, but I encourage you readers to try it. Unlike cow's milk, soy milk doesn't have to be stored in the fridge until it's opended, which could help if you're low on fridge space.

Hi Nasko. I know you're reading this. Get a new hobby instead of stalking strangers online.

— Cadence

A seal on a cushion spinning a globe on its nose.
Another seal. They are friends!