Instagram has a thing where certain people are allowed to make "IGTV" posts, which tend to be longer videos which can have a title. When looking at profiles you can choose to either display the regular timeline or the IGTV timeline.

Bibliogram now supports IGTV!

Give it a try! There's new buttons at the top of the page that select what you want to look at.

I'm not entirely sure how to feel about the appearance of the buttons, but I think they do the job. I tried just doing the word with an underline, and that was okay, but they didn't really look like they were clickable. So I added frames and backgrounds but then they looked weird next to the headers and regions with shadows. So then I added shadows and a border radius and now we have this. I'm not completely sold. They do the job well enough.

I think the next thing I'm going to add is request quotas, which should help with potential availablility issues caused by people automating requests. I'm already experiencing a bit of that, so I want to stop it before it gets out of hand.

Here's the stats from 24 hours of requests from yesterday. The number on the left is the IP, and the number on the right side is the number of incoming requests from that IP. All IPs are anonymised before storage by setting the first number to 0, so theoretically one number could be multiple people, but this is unlikely to be the case in practice, since there are still 16 million unique combinations from the other 3 bytes, compared to only 1671 unique incoming IPs in total.

Top 10 IPs:
  [ '', 12029 ],
  [ '', 4897 ],
  [ '', 3910 ],
  [ '', 2898 ],
  [ '0.xxx.xxx.xxx', 2366 ], // <- this one is bibliogram.snopyta.org
                             //    and it is authenticated and permitted
  [ '', 1710 ],
  [ '', 1346 ],
  [ '', 1150 ],
  [ '0:569:7ec6::', 1085 ],
  [ '', 916 ]

Compare those numbers to the 98th percentile IP, which only has this many requests, and is probably a good person:

[ '', 361 ]

That's right. You know who you are.

I could also try using various heuristics to stop bad bots, but heuristics can always be figured out and avoided, especially since the heuristics algorithm would have to be open source.

— Cadence

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